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Ruas India

Camel's Land

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I dreamt of a faraway land with a great white desert. Thirsty, sweltering under the blistering sun, and unable to walk on the scorching sand. Until, a soft nudge on my shoulder, made me look back.  I couldn't believe my eyes! There stood a camel directly looking into my eyes, as if signalling to take his help.  With a sigh a relief, I decided to ride on him. Suddenly, I heard a loud thud and opened my eyes to find myself on my bedroom floor. 

There, I found a beautiful gift box. Surprised, I sprang up and went to open it. In the box with a special letter, I found the Ruas camera strap with the friendly camel! I quickly got my favourite vintage Asahi Pentax camera and attached it to the cushioned strap. What a wonderful start to my day! I thought.

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