Siran Camera Strap
  • Siran Camera Strap

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    Bright in its multicolor glory, the Siran camera strap will always brighten your day. Created with the imagination of women artisans, it carries the stories of the deserts of Kutch and will carry many more memories with you. It features traditional Jat hand embroidery from Kutch, India.


    Each strap has a solid neoprene construction, and nylon ends to support your camera with all the weight of the lenses too. It is padded so your neck doesn't hurt after a long day.


    About The Jat Community: Jats are Islamic pastorialists who have adopted Kutch as their homeland.  There are various subgroups of the tribe and each has its own unique style of embroidery. Embroidery is a representation of their culture and beliefs. Many designs are inspired by Islamic architecture.  Many members of the Jat communties are still cattle herders which was their traditional occupation.


    About Jat Embroidery: The Jats believe that embroidery is a gift given to them by their Goddess Mai Bhambi. Thus, creating hand embroidery is akin to worship. While men step out to earn, the women from Jat communities hand embroider painstaiking designs in cross stitch patterns for their own clothing and for their livelihoods too. Women manage their household, work, children and their hard life in the desert. 


    Strap Details

    Length: 21 inches. Also extendable by 21 inches nylon strap on both sides.

    Width: 2.5 inches.


    All Ruas straps are fair trade, hand embroidered by traditional women artisans of India.