• Jannat Camera Strap

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    In the desert of Kutch, not all roads are marked. But the Jat community knows the turn you need to take from the barren highway to reach their village. Deep into the dusty land dotted with shrubs you enter their world of rural living. A voice signs while collecting water, you see a young girl dressed in the brightest of clothing with a heavily embroidered yoke. Women embroider in the Islamic Jat community to wear it in their daily lives and create heritage pieces to bring ahead when they get married. This camera strap has been hand embroidered by them in their traditional motifs. It has been padded to offer extra comfort and can be easily adjusted too!


    Strap Length: 21 inches. Also extendable by 21 inches nylon strap on both sides.

    Strap Width: 2.5 inches.

    • Jannat Strap

      This camera strap has been hand-embroidered by Jat women artisans of Kutch. It features their traditional embroidery forms, padding for support and an adjustable functionality. Get this one of a kind camera strap and look good wherever you go :)