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Ruas Tribe: Meet Rebekah Sood - Founder/ The Atmosphere Studio

Rebekah is charming, confident and refreshingly honest. She is an Entrepreneur, wellness chef, yoga teacher and a doula. Rebekah is part of the sister duo that started Atmosphere Studio - A brand that focuses on creating healthy products for your gut health. They were the first to start selling kombucha in India and now have an ardent following of loyalists. I have probably tried all their products and their taste is incomparable.

Rebekah and her Ina Strap

Raised in the hills of the North India, She has her feet on the ground and head in the clouds. We caught up with her to know more about her journey.

Q) Could you share what led you to start your business and what it's about?

I started my business due to two reasons. The first being that I wanted to create jobs for women who lacked opportunities. I had noticed most of the companies in India employed men. Second reason being I am a very creative person. I have a lot of ideas and I wanted to share that creativity with the world and make products that help people get healthier.

Q) How would you encourage other women looking to start their own businesses?

One of my pieces of advice for women who are looking to start a business is to first insurance you have experience in the industry you are going to start your work in as I think its so important in understanding how the industry works and how other businesses are functioning. That way, you know what are the best practices and the things working well for others. It helps you start your business from a place of knowledge and understanding.

Q) What do you like about your Ina Ruas strap?

I love the embroidery and it makes me feel good to support a product that is encouraging women artisans. I also have gotten quite a few compliments on the strap about how cool it is and how it elevates the bag. Overall I think it is very special.

Q) Do you have any rituals or practices you follow to unwind and take care of yourself?

I think the way I unwind the best, is to come home, spending time with my cats and puppies cuddling, playing wit them, it helps me relax and transition to being at home. I also really enjoy aromatherapy showers I like to sprinkle essential oils in the shower on the floor when I shower. Those can either be energizing or relaxing essential oils. The combination of herbs, smells and water can be very healing.

Q) How do you make your shopping choices? Are you conscious about the brands you choose to support?

I would love to be more conscious about my shopping decisions but I feel like in my life right now I am on a budget, so I rarely shop. It is definitely a goal for the future.

Thank you Rebekah for keeping it real and all the best!


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