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Friends of Ruas

Our journey has been marked by many people who have been constant support systems. We are deeply grateful!

Judy Frater

Judy Frater is Somaiya Kala Vidya’s Founder Director.  An Ashoka Fellow, Frater was founder and Director of Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya.  Under her eight- year tenure, Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya rose to international prominence for its unique approach to education of artisans.  Frater was awarded the Sir Misha Black Medal for Design Education in 2009, and the Crafts Council of India Kamla award in 2010 for her work. In her native USA, she was Associate Curator of the Textile Museum in Washington DC.  In 2005, she published Threads of Identity: Embroidery and Adornment of the Nomadic Rabaris.


Kavita Pandya

Kavita has been working in the development sector for over eight years in India. She provides mentoring and coaching to social entrepreneurs to develop, build and scale up their organizations, mainly focusing on the areas of Program Strategy, Impact Measurement, Marketing Planning and Human Resources.
While working at UnLtd India, she managed the Test & Build program, coached over 15 entrepreneurs, conducted investee diligences and developed processes like MIS. Previously, she has led the employee engagement program at EdelGive Foundation by facilitating structured volunteering programs, site visits and fundraising between NGOs and Edelweiss employees.
Kavita has designed and conducted workshop sessions at UnLtd India and for Singapore International Foundation (SIF). She has mentored at the TISS iPreneur’17 event. She has been an evaluator for Echoing Green Fellowship Applications for three years. Kavita has co-presented a paper at the Ideas for Sustainable CSR contest at IIM-Bangalore. Kavita is Bachelors in Commerce and MBA in Human Resources.

Dhruvi Shah

Dhruvi Shah has over 18 years of experience in the financial sector that includes Mainstream Banking and Sustainable Development. As part of Axis Bank Foundation, she manages its program that has been created to address the core issues of poverty and economic exclusion in India through the tools of Financial oInclusion, Financial Literacy and economic empowerment. Prior to this she was the Program Director at RBS Foundation India leading a team to manage non-‐profit relationships in livelihoods and financial inclusion. Dhruvi has been part of working groups and committees promoting diversity, women empowerment and social enterprises. She has been an advisor to many NGO's that work in the space of environment, education and social enterprises.

Sanjay Kamble

Sanjay V. Kamble was born in the tiny village of Vaduj Dist. Satara. He did reasonably well in school but found an inclination towards the Arts in his early years. He pursued his passion at the renowned JJ Art school in Mumbai, LS Raheja, Bandra School of Art and Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune, Maharashtra. He then started his professional career as a Freelance Illustrator doing caricatures for comics and all kinds of work for National and Multinational advertising agencies and newspapers in Mumbai. A one job assignment then took him all the way to Dubai. Since then he has been serving as a successful Art Director and a full-time freelance illustrator including finding time for his first love - painting.
It was long journey fought with challenges but he triumphed with perseverance. According to Sanjay, commercial art may not lead to happiness but painting can give joy and satisfy the soul. Though Sanjay was away from India for the past 12 years, in his own words, he was never separated emotionally from his beloved motherland. He is specially fascinated by Mumbai and its multi-cultural identity and India's vibrant rural landscapes. It is lot more painful when you are away from your soil and for him, the only way to express his emotion is by painting his people and places. He feels it is only when he is painting Indian subjects that he feels completely at home. When he chooses to express on paper or canvas, he enjoys the added challenge of creating the human figure thanks to his rich Illustrator background.


Nilesh Kinkale

Nilesh Kinkale paintings synthesize, sometimes uneasily, two major themes of modernism: high moral seriousness and ironic sensuality and artifice. Like those of the imaginary gas cylinders, urns, cans into nostalgic meditations on memory and loss. Kinkale’s works resemble a series, each containing strikingly beautiful, abstract life-forms reminding us of the multiple aspects of all things, of humanity's adventures with matter. A. Master of Fine Arts Graduate from Sir. J. J. School of Arts, Nilesh Kinkale pays a tribute to the dreamlike icons and floating figures of the acclaimed artist, Prabhakar Barwe. He refers to what lies under the skin: unicellular life. His work refers to experiences and emotions rather than the optical illusions we so decisively term 'matter'. We all seek a common thread in whatever we observe, something as a reference and say, yes, I can see that or maybe even understand that. Artists are those who play with their associations, bringing new ones, sometimes infuriating us, often leaving us vertiginous and tottering as they pull the rug from under our feet. Most of all, they are the storytellers of our tumultuous times.

Apart from his contribution towards The Bombay Art Society as a Honorary Secretary, Kinkale is also founder of The Arka Art Trust, a non-profit organization based in Mumbai.