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Etienne Coutinho - Artist, Writer and Director.

Etienne Coutinho- The  Marco Artist Roll 

Although an extremely gifted individual, Etienne's best quality is his nature. He is always smiling, warm, welcoming and talks about his work with a passion that is rare to find. His works of art have often moved many to tears. 
Etienne wanted An Artist Roll that he would use to keep his color pencils, brushes, and other essentials. 
We wanted to create a design that would be, "timeless yet nostalgic, a piece that would make you want to touch it."
Art supplies are never enough for an artist. There is always a need for more! The case fits perfectly for the nomad artists wanting to keep their art supplies organized and easy to carry anywhere they go! 
Etienne's Studio is filled with treasures
If you would like to get a Marco Artist Case for yourself, email us: contact.ruas@gmail.com