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Discover The Crafts

Discover The Craft Forms

We currently work with four communities of women artisans belonging to the Jewel State of India - Gujarat.


Suf is a time consuming embroidery based on the triangle shape called a "suf." The embroidery is counted on the warp and the stitch is worked from the back. Motifs can never be drawn. Each design is created through imagination and counts in several patterns. Every artisan displays amazing dexterity, imagination, skill and patience.


Tiny cross stitches and counted thread work create the geometric patterns of Jat embroidery. Mirrors are added to further enhance the beauty of designs. Jat women embroider their own outfits and their work is considered sacrosanct.


With its flowing style, this embroidery is practiced by Ahir tribes in several villages of Kutch. They have been practicing this craft form since centuries. One can see several patterns inspired by the environment in their designs.


Rabari embroidery uses several shapes of mirrors in several patterns of stitches. Its chain stitch style makes it unique and stunning. Practice by the Rabari communities since ages, it is colourful and exquisite.