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About Us

The desire to create has been a yearning for man since humanity's existence on our planet. Crafts were born out of this creativity and the thread was passed on through millenials. 
Hand Embroidery is craft form that has been known to exist since 300AD and it has traditionally been practiced mostly by women artisans. Embroidery was and is still practiced in some form or the other in many traditional cultures of the world.
However, artisans are not regarded as artists in our current world. They suffer from poverty, forcing them to leave their traditional craft forms. Ruas was formed to bridge the gap of knowledge, create livelihoods, provide market linkages and preserve these historic traditional embroidery forms.
Founder's Note:
Hello and Welcome to Ruas!
Three years ago, I was resting on my daybed staring at my camera and my camera strap. I thought to myself if cameras have evolved so much. Why haven’t camera straps? I didn’t like my plain black strap and started thinking on how I could make a unique one. I thought about what I would love. And the answer was a gorgeous embroidered camera strap. That was the start of Ruas.
The word Ruas was coined by me as a combination of my sisters names. When my youngest sister was about to be born, many people suggessted to my parents to not have her. I was appalled and shaken for life. The word Ruas is also short form for Rural Artisans. 
Thus, "Ruas" stands for the neglected ones. Women. 
Now, Ruas has become a brand that stands for the creative spirit in all of us. Each of our product is designed by me and the hand embroidery is ideated and created painstakingly by Indigenous women artisans from the deserts of Kutch, India. Ruas helped me achieve my dream of empowering women artisans and supporting art plus crafts. At Ruas, we believe in supporting, creating livelihoods for women artisans to become entrepreneurs in their own right and honoring their unique skill of practicing their historic craft forms. Grateful you are for stopping by and becoming a part of the Ruas family!  
Much love,
Our Vision
"Ruas works closely with traditional women artisans to recognize them as artists with their unique craft skills and help preserve their historic craft forms."
We believe in the power of impact through Co-Design. "Our products are hand-embroidered by Artisans for Artists. " Each product features embroidery designed and made by the artisan herself. Ruas currently supports the preservation of Suf, Rabari, Jat and Ahir embroidery forms.
Why Do We Need to Help Women Artisans?
  • India is home to 75+ million artisans. The industry is growing but the artisans are still poor.
  • 90% of women artisans have zero education. Craft is the skill that can bring them livelihoods.
  • Hand Embroidery as a historic craft form is dying very fast.
  • Artisans are treated like laborers not as fellow creative beings capable of being designers.
What do we do?
  • We closely work with four communities of indigenous women artisans in Kutch to co-create products for artists.
  • Ruas takes care of the product design, market linkages, customers and other disruptions in the value chain. The artisans work on creating ideas for embroidery of each collection, create samples and the hand embroiders each product you see.
How do we work?
researches and meets traditional embroidery communities of India, build relationships and then co-designs collections. Read our Story Book to understand how we work :)
Artists of Ruas
Ruas is committed to building a community of artists which grows together, is supportive, encouraging, ever hopeful and believes in the power of being capable to change lives of people in need.
Our Symbol -The Nilgai
Nilgai or the Blue Bull is the largest antelope found in the Indian subcontinent. It is considered lucky if you spot one! It represents our pride in
and culture of the Indian subcontinent. Plus, it does resemble a unicorn and is real too!
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