Fair trade, embroidered products for the artist in you!
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About Us

Welcome to Ruas!

Enjoy our Hand-Embroidered. Unique. Limited Edition. Timeless Quality Products. Proudly Made in India.

From Tribal Artisans in Kutch, India to Artists everywhere!

Ruas was founded by Aditi, a Writer and Photographer who believes in the creative spirit in all of us. Her desire to help women artisans in India, led her to Kutch and along her journey she realized that artisans and artists as fellow creative change makers can transform the world.

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Are you an artist?

Do you love by notes?

Do you dream in water colour?

Do you wake up everyday and with a masterful stroke paint your eyes?

Do you walk in dangerous trails to get that one timeless shot?

Do you live to create? To express? To change? To question? 

Whoever and wherever you are. To us you are the masterpieces. From the dexterity in the hands of an artisan to a perfectly timed photograph.

Whether you are a music enthusiast or a lover of art and fashion. We have a collection of specially curated Limited Edition products for you. Everything you buy has art co-designed and embroidered with love by women artisans from Kutch.

Artists of Ruas

Ruas is committed to build a community of artists which grows together, is supportive, encouraging, ever hopeful and believes in the power of being capable to change lives of people in need.

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