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Songs of Nature With The Threads Of Chikankaari

Nature always gives. From the air that breathes into your lungs, rains from high above to the shade of a tree in the simmering summer heat.

Women have always been inspired by nature and embroidery has been a historic form of expression for them in cultures across the world. Close to home, the craft of Chikankaari too takes inspiration from nature and its imperfect yet stunning forms. 

This Hand Embroidery's trademark white threads clearly highlight the beauty and cycle of nature.

We are honouring the importance of giving and nature, the silver linings in the present days of covid through our hand-embroidered and handmade straps.

Wherever you go, easily strap them on to your bag and carry with pride your strap that has journeyed through very skilled hands of the artisans to reach you.

INAAYAT 1-2.png


Each Ruas strap features the distinct "Ruas Mark" that represents its authenticity.

The Ruas Mark features four arrows coming together resembling community among embroiderers, and collaboration among artists and artisans. The arrows point out to connect to our value of bringing artisans stories and creativity to the rest of the world.

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