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India's first illustrative Meet The Artist series featuring 23 artists!

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Art is a powerful source of transformation, inspiration, encouragement and an apt instrument for critiquing our world. Yet being an artist in India is not seen as a good choice. We may know a couple of names of popular artists, but there are many we do not hear about.
We at Ruas, believe there is a huge scope for creative spiritis to prosper in India. Whether they are artists or traditional artisans carrying on with their historic craft forms, we need to give them the platform, space and opportunity they need.
So, we decided to bring together various artists from different cities and walks of life to share who they are through what they do best -  their engaging and unique world of art.
Meet The Artist series is a visual representation of the artists and their personalities. We approached artists to create their own designs through illustrations, painting, cartoons,and more. We also asked some of them what their opinion is about Traditional Indian women artisans.
1) Kiran Waingankar
"The True sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
~Albert Einstein
Kiran's engaging art work attest this truth- Anything is possible if you just imagine. *nods head fervently*
You can find her work on Instagram and Facebook
2) Richard Khuptong
Richard is a Graphic Designer and founder of Indiegenius where he and his team create stunning calligraphy and hadlettering works. Extra points to him for believing traditional women artisans are the pillars preserving Indian culture!
You can find him on Facebook and Instagram
3) Artist Anpu
The Retinalist creates compelling artworks that you are sure to look at again!
You can find here work on Instagram and on her blog
4) Asfa Sabrin
Asfa's art is breathatakingly beautiful and real. Her ability to play with colors and make her work lifelike gives us goosebumps. She has appreciation for her fellow tribal female counterparts "Traditional women artisans are resilient" Yess!!
You can find her work on Instagram and Facebook
5) Amna Jamal
Amna is a super talented artist whose work is bursting with colors and contrasts. She often portrays strong female figures. 
You can find her on Instagram and follow her Tumblr page too
6) Surasti Puri
Surasti is an artist who loves nature and the influence of her surroundings reflect in her art. 
You can find her awesome work on Instagram
7) Mounica Tata
Mounica is the artist behind the page Doddleodrama. She is in her own words an illustrator, cartoonist, a happy potato, and mother of a furry bum. Her art made us fall in love with her immediately!
You can find her awesome work on Instagram
8) Priyanka Jaising
Priyanka is as cute and amazing as her artwork. She is a painter and illustrator who loves creating to spread the message of love and positivity.  
You can check out her adorable doodles and paintings on Facebook and Instagram
9) Alicia Dsouza
Alicia has gained some serious well deserved fan following for her life inspired artworks. When asked about artisans, she rightfully said, "I think artists can work anywhere! It doesn't matter if it's at the backseat of a bus or the comfort of ones own home be it in the artic or the desert or a fancy studio. The best thing about art is more in the joy of creating rather than the where and the how. "
You can follow her on her Facebook and Instagram pages.
10) Abhishek
A Concept Artist, Comics Creator, and a Graphic Designer. His designs are often whimsical, inspired by people, robots, comic, insects and animals.
You can check out more of his work on Facebook and Instagram
11) Pranav Mote
A self taught talented Graphic Designer, Marketing and Strategy professional who also makes designed custom shoes! His minimalist captivating, designs are filled with colors.
Pranav has his own website and a page on Instagram
11) Sagar Saple
Sagar is an Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. He works with different art forms and his more recent artwork involved painting a complete room with a sea theme!
You can find his work on Instagram and Behance
12) Raisa D'souza (Charcoalcharades)
Raisa is a gifted artist whose potraits will leave you spell bound. In her Meet The Artist series she has made our favorite artwork of the Ruas artist bag and choker she uses :)
You can find her work on Instagram and also purchase her art at Cupick
13) Anmol
Anmol is an artist whose dream like work is mesmerising, fun and filled with hope.
You can find her art on Instagram.
14) LeeAnn
She is a biochemist and an Artist! LeeAnn creates stunning hand painted shoes as well. She also hates morning alarms and love tradtional women artisans :)
You can find her on Instagram
15) Kundan
A budding artist from the city Darbhanga in Bihar. Kundan dreams of making art his main occupation.
You can find him on Facebook
16) Madhuri Garg
A proud mom, Visual artist and Designer. For Madhuri, art is her form of expression. The colors and texture of her art are definitely worth looking at.
You can see her work on Instagram and her website.
17) Sabaah  Potia
Sabaah is an Artist who is creative and also passsionate about education. She works towards empowering underprivileged children.
18) Sniggy
Sniggy aka the youngest artist on this list is all of 12 years. She has a keen interest in art and craft.
19) Mriga Tankaria & Shruby Puthran
The 100 Strokes duo are close friends who work together. Their artwork is nothing short of brilliant with their bold colors, precision and style. They hate slime and love gloomy days.
You can find them on Facebook and Instagram
20) Shweta Iktare
Shweta was a CA by profession but her heart was with art. She thus, left the safety of her job to do what she loves. She dislikes Artist's block and love Hagrid (Who wouldn't?) :)
You can find more of her work on Instagram
22) Mili Sethia
Mili calls herself a loony seeking rainbows; magic :) She has painted Shakti Kapoor in a sexy sarong, a psychedelic Noam Chomsky on a T-shirt and much more you must see.
You can find Mili's work on Behance, Facebook and Instagram
23) Mrinal Dutt
Mrinal creates beautiful, original art work. His work is inspired by the history and culture of India.
You can see his marvelous work on Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you for reading! Please do share if you liked it :)

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