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Our Story

"I grew up living in several parts of India and had the honor of meeting many rural artisans. The sheer beauty of their work has never stopped captivating me. I also witnessed the lack of support for women and their own choices, which deeply affected me. Thus, the causes of women empowerment, supporting arts and crafts are close to my heart. I wanted to do my part in helping them and this is why Ruas was born. What I didn't realize when I started was that the women I decided to help were going to help me equally if not more in measure."

I am very grateful to see you here and welcome you to our creative community.

~ Aditi Dubey Lee


Our Impact

Ruas provides sustainable livelihoods, co-design opportunities with learning, market knowledge sharing, and access to the creative community. Our aim is to empower rural women artisans to become independent creative entrepreneurs.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We care deeply about the impact of fashion on the society and environment. Thus, Ruas uses upcycled materials and we create no waste during the production process. Any scraps that remain are used to create new products that are subsequently listed on our zero-waste store. 

Our Crafts

Toda Embroidery (4)

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